German course intermediate; preparation for DSH

In order to successfully attend these courses the student must already have a good command of German, corresponding to the “Certificate German as Foreign Language”.

Duration: 10 weeks with 20 lessons per week (altogether about 200 lessons).

Fee: € 600.00 per course.

The courses start at various times throughout the whole year. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Exams: The courses end with the exam “Intermediate Certificate/Preparation for DSH” ( Zertifikat Mittelstufe/DSH Vorbereitung”). 

Regular control tests will give you and your teachers the necessary feedback. 

The students will receive the skills which are required in DSH-exams of German universities. They include reading comprehension, listening comprehension, text production and free oral argumentation focussing on science and technology.

Our teaching staff

The teachers are experienced and committed pedagogues who have taught German as a foreign language already for a considerable time. All of them also speak other languages, e.g. English, French, Italian, and Spanish. One teacher even speaks and has a University degree in Chinese! 

We are always glad to give you individual advice and to support you, should any problems arise.

Our headmaster, Mr Peter Rahn, himself is a fully-trained teacher for the subjects German, English, and Russian. He has been running the school for 20 years.

Mrs Mayer, a fully-trained teacher for Business Administration and Economics, organises the German classes in close co-operation with the respective teachers. She will take care of you if any problems should arise also beyond the routine of our school, e.g. concerning your flat, visa or other documents and formalities.

Our school

It has existed since 1984 and is officially recognized by the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. 
We run the following courses:
- vocational training for Foreign-Language Secretaries and European Secretaries.
- language courses
- German courses for foreigners
- EDP courses and economy courses

The school is located in the centre of the city with a lot of food shops and other shops as well as discounters and cafeterias close by. The railway station is just a ten minutes’ walk away.

The opening hours of our office are: Monday to Friday between 9 and 12 am and 5 and 7 pm.


Is a middle-sized industrial city (engineering, automobile, and related industries) in the West of Germany, about 50 km away from France. It is situated in a beautiful landscape with a very large forest (Pfälzerwald) which invites you to do your jogging, biking, hiking or just to take a walk and enjoy nature. Furthermore, the city has several outdoor and indoor public swimming pools and a public beach as well as a theatre and an art gallery. 

Kaiserslautern is proud of its university specialised on science and technology, a polytechnic college (Fachhochschule) and many other schools. Furthermore, the city is well known as a centre for software companies.

Living costs in Kaiserslautern are low. Rooms and flats are available at reasonable prices. Example: The monthly rent for a one-room flat is between 100 and 150 euros. Also the prices of food, restaurants and consumer goods are very favourable for students and young people.